Rehab Services

Physical therapy is the treatment of illness and injury by physical means such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction, mobilization and exercise to produce a healing effect. Audubon County Memorial Hospital provides therapy services to all ages as outpatients, inpatients, skilled care patients and observation patients. Therapists evaluate patients and establish a therapy program and using treatment techniques promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability. Therapists treat degenerative diseases such as arthritis, sports injuries such as ACL tears, all sorts of orthopedic injuries such as rotator cuff tears, work related injuries such as low back pain. Audubon County Memorial Hospital therapists treat patients with lymphedema, children, post-surgical patients, pre-surgical patients, elderly, and athletes.

Occupational therapy and speech therapy services are also offered by appointment only. Licensed therapists do an evaluation and establish a plan of care just like with physical therapy. They treat all ages. Occupational therapy treats orthopedic issues such as carpal tunnel, neurological issues such as head injury and degenerative disease such as arthritis. Speech therapists treat voice disorders and speech problems.

For all your therapy needs close to home contact the Physical Therapy Department at Audubon County Memorial Hospital.