June is National Hernia Awareness Month!

June is National Hernia Awareness Month. The purpose of National Hernia Awareness Month is to raise the public knowledge of the warning signs and latest treatment options available regarding hernias.

Each year, hernias affect millions in this country. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately five million Americans have a hernia, but only 750,000 Americans seek treatment each year. National Hernia Awareness Month is observed each June to raise public awareness about hernias and effective treatment. Most people don’t understand what a hernia is or what causes one, much less the treatment options available.

Signs and symptoms of a hernia vary from person to person, however, a bulge is the most typical sign of a hernia. Sometimes there is a painless, intermittent bulge, or lump, at the site of the hernia. The pain from a hernia is usually described as a burning, or pressure-type, sensation. Both the bulge and pain can be worsened by activity, such as lifting, and can improve by lying down.

Have you been delaying hernia surgery? A hernia can be uncomfortable, unsightly, painful, and even cause life threatening complications. Don’t let a hernia restrict you and keep you from the activities you enjoy. Our board-certified General Surgeon, Dr. Jeff Maire, can help.

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