ACH Foundation Awards Student Healthcare Scholarships

As summer begins to heat up and students finish school sports, the Audubon County Hospital Foundation board members are proud to reflect on the first recipients of the new ACH Foundation Student Healthcare Scholarship.

2024 graduates, Bella Muller of Exira-EHK Community School District and Alexis Obermeier of Audubon High School were honored at their respective award nights for their dedication to education and their pursuit of excellence in a healthcare related field.

Foundation board members were excited to bring this opportunity to the students of Audubon County. Board members will be holding various fundraisers each year to collect donations that will go directly toward this scholarship program.

“Healthcare is a growing industry full of exciting challenges and scientific advancements,” said Susan Greving, Foundation Director, “We are proud to assist these students in furthering their education in healthcare.”

All applicants for this scholarship are required to be an Audubon County resident and must be accepted by an accredited school, college, or university.

“Reading through the applications shows us that the future of healthcare is very bright,” said Daniel Bierbrodt, ACH Foundation President, “There were many excellent candidates to choose from and we are looking forward to offering this scholarship program again next year.”

Chloe Dankert, ACH Foundation Board Member

Bella Muller, Exira-EHK recipient of the 2024 ACHF Student Healthcare Scholarship

Alexis Obermeier, Audubon High School. recipient of the 2024 ACHF Student Healthcare Scholarship