ACMH Participates in County-Wide Emergency Preparedness Exercise

On October 30, 2018, Audubon County Memorial Hospital & Clinics participated in a county-wide exercise as part of our emergency preparedness program. During the exercise staff discussed their roles during an emergency and their responses to a particular emergency situation.

The exercise was for a tornado that hits the hospital. The following command positions reported to the briefing called by the Incident Commander. All positions were given their HICS Job Action Sheets and donned their identification vests. As the scenario played out, each Command Position reported their plan of action based on the situation.

  • Suzanne Cooner, Incident Commander
  • Barb Jacobsen, Public Information Officer
  • Janet Christoffersen, Liaison Officer
  • Dale Willenborg and Tyler Thygesen, Safety Officer
  • Lisa Paulsen, Operations Chief
  • Kolton Hewlett, Planning Chief
  • Patty Ballou, Logistics Chief
  • Melinda Alt, Finance Chief
  • Heather Toft, Incident Command secondary
  • Nathan Moser, IT Systems Unit Leader
  • Dr. Jeff Maire, Medical Care Branch Director
  • Susan Stetzel, Scribe for Incident Commander


  • Community Partners Involved in Drill
    • EMA
    • Audubon County Fire and Rescue (Audubon and Exira)
    • Public Health
    • Carroll Area Nursing Facility
    • Exira Nursing Facility
    • Friendship Home Facility