March is National Nutrition Month and ACMH is celebrating the importance of nutritious foods and recognizing the contribution our food service staff provides in creating healthy meals for our patients.

Nutrition is a key factor in the healing process and the Nutritional Services Department at ACMH plays an integral role in the healing of our patients.

Kylie Stroeher, Nutrition Services Supervisor at ACMH says, “Nutrition services strives to have healthy homemade choices for our patients and staff. We offer a variety of protein sources, vegetables, and fruit that all meet nutritional guidelines.”

Emily Krengel, RD, LD was also recognized for her work on March 7th, during National Registered Dietician Day. This day raises the awareness of those healthcare providers that create personalized, practical solutions for healthy living.

Krengel has extensive knowledge in food and nutrition. When discussing health and wellness, Krengel said, “As the Registered Dietitian for Audubon County Memorial Hospital, I enjoy helping patients and employees by translating the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy lives.  Registered Dietitians use nutrition expertise to help individuals make unique, positive lifestyle changes.”

Krengel also provides dietary services as part of our Medical Weight Loss Services program and works with participating patients providing one-on-one education and creating a patient-focused weight loss program.

Partnering with a registered dietician can increase your health and wellness. With the benefits of a tailored approach to diet, disease and food allergy management, effective and long-term weight loss, dieticians are there to support and motivate you.

This year’s theme for Nutrition Month is “Celebrate a World of Flavor.”

Krengel advised, “All of us are unique people with different bodies, goals, backgrounds, and tastes.  Diets can be modified to be healthy, celebrate heritage and introduce new foods.”  She shares some simple guidelines to a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle:

  • Eat Less/ Move More
  • Eat a Variety of Foods in Moderation
  • Plan Meals and Snacks in advance of Shopping
  • Create Tasty Foods at Home

If you are interested in creating positive healthy dietary changes in your life, you can request a meeting with Emily through the Audubon and Exira Clinics. Emily will work with you to give you the support and tools you’ll need to make long lasting changes. For more information, please call 712-563-4611 in Audubon or 712-268-5348 in Exira for more information.

ACMH Nutrition Services Staff:

(Front row: L to R) Jackie Renshaw and Emily Krengel

(Back Row: L to R) Nichole Gust, Kylie Stroeher, Jane Herbers, and Paul Mormann