ACMH Volunteers for Meals from the Heartland

Audubon County Memorial Hospital staff members joined Audubon County community volunteers to help prepare around 35,000 meals for Meals from the Heartland.

Many Audubon County organizations, including the local AHS students, came to the Audubon Rec Center last Saturday to help package nutritious meals for those in need.

Meals from the Heartland states that it “produces two special meal formulas developed by food science and nutrition professionals to supplement nutritional needs to allow children to grow, thrive, and become productive members of their community.”

Community volunteers packaged the Hearty Pack, a rice and soy meal that is both nutritionally complex and well-balanced.

Meals from the Heartland has been actively and successfully battling hunger for over 14 years.  According to Meals from the Heartland, “Thousands of volunteers come together to package millions of meals each year.” In Iowa over 476,000 meals were distributed last year alone.

 ACMH volunteer staff help prepare meals for Meals from the Heartland.