ACMH Welcomes Dr. Jon Swanson

Audubon County Memorial Hospital is excited to have Dr. Jon Swanson as their newest primary care physician.

Joining ACMH’s team of family physicians, Dr. Jon Swanson is double board-certified, both by the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) and the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians (AOBFP).

Born and raised in Omaha, NE, Dr. Swanson attended Iowa State University where he met his future wife, Alka. A former resident of Marshalltown, IA, Alka had moved to Ames to attend ISU. After graduation the couple moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was here that Dr. Swanson began his career by earning his first PhD in Chemistry at Harvard University.

His extensive experience in chemistry led him to create significant contributions to his field through developing numerous patents, authoring publications in medical journals, and presenting research at forums across the United States.

Dr. Swanson had been working in the pharmaceutical industry when the onset of dementia began with his mother. “When my mother’s dementia started after a brief stay in a hospital, I got very interested in learning more about it and decided to go to medical school.”

Dr. Swanson went back to school where family medicine became his focus. His most notable achievements are holding the positions of Chief Resident in his final year of residency and being President of the House Staff for two years.

These positions gave him a unique perspective and solidified his philosophy that practicing medicine stems from assessing the needs of each patient. Dr. Swanson states that, “Each patient’s condition is slightly different. There are basic rules but no set formulas. I look at the patient’s condition as a whole and then provide treatment.”

When visiting Audubon County Memorial Hospital and Clinics, Dr. Swanson was encouraged to learn of the care the staff offer to the patients in the community.

Dr. Swanson mentioned that a major factor in his decision to join ACMH and Clinics was due to the staff of ACMH. “Everyone I met seemed to care about patients, the community spirit, and patient-first philosophy. Many places tout this philosophy but do not practice it, but it seems like ACMH practices it. Administration has a vision for ACMH which fits in with my desire to reach underserved patients.”

Dr. Swanson is looking forward to serving the community.  Dr. Swanson said, “I am grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to treat their family members and friends and I hope I can earn their trust.”

Outside of work, Dr. Swanson mentioned that he and his wife, Alka “have two cats, no kids, lots of old cars and tools.” He likes to run, swim, and bike. He said, “I used to do triathlons before my residency and hope to start taking part in them again.”

Dr. Swanson and Alka relocated to Audubon and are excited about participating in community events. When you see them around town, please be sure to say “hello!”

Dr. Swanson is currently accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment, contact ACMH Clinics in Audubon at 712-563-4611 or Exira at 712-268-5348.