Audubon County Memorial Hospital and Clinics announces new Electronic Health Records system

Audubon County – Audubon County Memorial Hospital & Clinics is excited to announce the implementation of a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to Epic, the most widely-used and comprehensive health record in the country. “Epic is the gold standard in electronic medical records designed to transform how we collect, store, and manage clinical information; improve patient safety; and enhance communication between healthcare providers,” said ACMH CEO, Suzanne Cooner.

Patients will benefit from Epic’s robust system which offers them access to all their medical records, including lab tests, medical imaging, prescriptions, vaccinations, provider referrals, and more in one convenient location utilizing, MyChart. Epic also improves care coordination and safety by providing an integrated system to access and seamlessly share health information with your healthcare providers, including critical connections to affiliate and referral providers for improved patient care and outcomes.

The transition from our current EMR to Epic will go live on May 6, 2022. Your check-in process may take a little longer as we start transitioning to Epic. Patients will be asked to arrive at least 15 – 20 minutes before their scheduled appointment to give registration staff enough time to complete their updated patient file. Every patient that comes in after May 6, 2022 will be treated like a new patient for the registration process. Patients will need to bring in their insurance cards and photo ID to their first appointment which will be scanned into the system.  We will update their basic demographic information (name, date of birth, address, phone number) and will re-enter each patient’s insurance coverage and guarantor (the person responsible for the bill).  We would also like to remind patients to bring the bottles of your current medications, surgical history, and allergies to your next appointment.

Communicating and collaborating with our community-based and referring physicians is vital to ensuring the best possible care for our patients.  By giving the patient’s healthcare providers a complete view the patient’s medical record, the entire care team can make better and more coordinated decisions that ultimately leads to improved safety and better outcomes.

Please feel free to contact us at 712-563-2611 if you have any questions.