Audubon County Memorial Hospital and Clinics Announces 2017 DAISY Award Winner

Becky Bruch was named the Daisy Award recipient this year, being nominated by numerous co-workers at Audubon County Memorial Hospital & Clinics.

Becky has been a nurse at Audubon County Memorial Hospital since 1989. Becky currently works full time in the Outpatient Specialty Clinic and Surgery Department. Over the years, she has contributed to all aspects of the patient care spectrum possible at ACMH, formerly working in the Med/Surg, Emergency Room, and Obstetrical areas.

Becky is quick to develop a good rapport with her co-workers, her patients, and the providers that she works with. She treats all patients fairly, and with respect. She helps to make each person she encounters feel like they are special.

Becky is flexible and hardworking, she is always willing to trade a day with a co-worker, or work extra hours in times of need. She is accountable for her actions and ensures that her assignments and tasks are completed to finish. Becky especially enjoys “clean the OR day”, and takes pleasure in listening (and singing) to some good tunes while cleaning and dusting the nooks and crannies of our surgical department. She calls this her “mental health” day!

Becky has developed strong clinical assessment skills over the years, and is particularly adept at airway management and in assisting anesthesia induction in the OR and ER.

Our physicians and mid-levels seek her guidance, and view her as a credible source of clinical information. Becky is a strong leader and is often assigned to mentor new staff due to her patience and expertise.

Janet Christofferson, RN, had this to say about Becky: ‘As Becky I watch Becky go about her day, you can see that she enjoys delivering patient care. She can make her patients light up with a smile when she talks to them, and they know that she will try to meet their needs and give them quality care. Becky exemplifies what a nurse is; kind, always compassionate, smart, and calm under pressure.’

Lisa Paulsen, Surgery & Specialty Clinics Director (and Becky’s supervisor) stated, “I first met Becky in 1997 when I started here as an LPN…Becky and I have spent many hours working as a team and have shared many moments together that only fellow nurses can appreciate.”

About the DAISY Foundation

The DAISY Foundation was established in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes. Patrick died at the age of 33 from complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP), thus giving name to the award “Diseases Attacking the Immune System” DAISY. Patrick’s family was completely awestruck by the care and compassion that they and Patrick were shown during his 8 week illness that they wanted to say THANK YOU to nurses.

In Patrick’s Honor, the DAISY Award is now in over 2,400+ healthcare facilities in all 50 states, and in 15 different countries, all of whom are committed to honoring their nurses with The DAISY Award.

The Mercy Health Network of Central Iowa annually awards one nurse, from each of its affiliated hospitals who exemplifies the delivery of extraordinary care in the hospital or clinic setting, with this great honor.